home This website was created with the intention to make the books "Jews in southern Thueringen - protected and haunted" from the inheritance of the editor accessible for a wider circle of interested people.

The books where published in a collection more than five years ago. They are not available over the normal retail market anymore and shall be offered under the category "modern antiquaria".

That way a part of the lifework of Hans Nothnagel as editor and author shall get it´s intended meaning and receive an appreciation.

The books of the so far only edition have a very close regional reference and deal with a very specific topic. Nevertheless there will be a public not only in the region but spread over the world which shows genealogical and historical interest.

This website reaches the different groups and offers the possibility to get to know more about the topic by introducing it in detail. The books are presented by pictures and the index of contents. Further you will find recensions and well selected links which provide first leads into the topic.

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